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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
11:29 pm
The history of the game
What the fuck has happened to the sport of football? Between the victory dances and complaints about salary, it's hard to find time to vomit. Who are these assholes and where did they come from? Football is about heart, not publicity. This has been going on in Professional football for quite some time, but now I am noticing it in College. These dildos think it's necessary to do the electric slide every time they make a tackle. I don't have time for this shit. Humble down and play the fucking game. The fans don't pay for tickets to see you showboat, they want to watch football. As far as whining about salaries, you're getting paid to play a sport! Hopefully one at which you are relatively good. If I got paid to bitch about things all day, I would take whatever the fuck I could get. Any of these players who bitch about their pay should be fired. They can go back to the schoolyard and fucking play for free. These jerk-offs have taken away football's glory and I want it back.
11:29 pm
Everything in the music world has gone to absolute shit. Leaving out the fact that the radio plays nothing but drivel, these "scene kids" have virtually taken over the music industry and it's pissing me off. First of all, I find it amusing that a majority of these "emo" children are from white, upper-middle class families and their problems really don't stray further than who's going to take them to the show. I also think I have come up with a solution to why all of these guys are whining all the time and it's probably because their nuts are being crushed into oblivian by their girlfriends' jeans. Music isn't even music anymore; it's all image. You know when music was at it's peak? The 60s and 70s and you know why that was? Everyone was fucking high. Clothes, eyeliner, bandanas, none of that shit mattered. Maybe if we didn't have all of these fucking anti-drug commercials, these kids could get their hands on some reefer and quit bitching about how hard their life is for an hour while they're stoned. And these band names are absolutely horrid. They don't even mean anything, they're just trying to as weird and metaphorical as possible. The names aren't even complete sentences anymore. Shit like "The cow says" and "...In the end" Where are these names going? What the fuck happened to names like Greatful Dead, The Sex Pistols, Butthole Surfers, where has the quality in America gone? And don't start me on lyrics. These things are easier for me to write than for an FSU football player to get busted for drugs. Things like "The night is frigid and my lungs are dry, so I'll collect my tears and watch you die" Stop complaing and write something meaningful. Thank you for your time. That helped.
11:28 pm
A waste of time
If I didn't hate Garden State so much, I would have to say that Joe Somebody is the worst movie I have ever had the disprivlidge of watching. If you haven't seen it, I would reccomend you drive your car over the edge of a cliff instead. It begins with a single dad, Tim Allen, getting bitch slapped by a co-worker in front of his daughter in his company parking lot. From then on, Tim Allen's character Joe decides to train to whoop this guys ass. Throughout the movie, Joe meets this hot girl and trains with funny man Jim Beluishi, whose role was the only saving grace of the film. Everyone starts to pay attention to Joe because he's planning to kick this guys ass, and his ex-wife wants him back. At the end of this disasterpeice, Joe decides to "be the better man" and walk away from the fight, in order to hook up with that hot girl. I hate that sappy shit. I didn't waste an hour and a half for a moral, I was looking forward to an ass beating. And the ex-wife was hotter than the girl he ended up with anyway. That's my complaint for the day. Fuck Joe Somebody.
11:26 pm
Let there be light
I'm sick of all these pathetic assholes driving around with Hallogen lights. They think that because they have these unneccesary headlights that they will somehow be cool. It's not cool. It's not "tight." It's fucking annoying and it blinds other drivers. I'm sure it also pisses the police off, not to mention draws attention to yourself so that you can be pulled over for some bullshit reason, simply so a cop can yell at you about your stupid ass lights. They don't help you see and they sure as fuck don't help anyone else see. These people need to be stopped. Complaining about this reminds me of other worthless accessories such as spinners and spoilers. No one cares what your car looks like. It's a fucking car, a vehicle designed to get one from Point A to Point B. None of that shit matters. Please get over yourselves and stop this madness.
Sunday, October 9th, 2005
2:08 pm
A Horrible Flick
As I sit in front of my computer, I kick myself for staying up until four in the morning watching Garden State; it sucked. The idea behind it was to give something that had never been given before with new character personas and a new romance between a couple. However, I was not impressed with the bad acting, shallow plot, and pathetic attempt to be different. The movie was boring and I imagine the only people that say it was good, say it because they want to look different and intelligent. If they say they liked it and I say I didn't, they expect me to feel inferior because there was some deep meaning that I didn't get. I got it. The guy's life was changed because he finally could accept life for what it was because he found the girl that could show him and blah blah blah. Garden State sucked my asshole and if I ever see it again, I'll need two sets of snacks; one for me, and one for the person holding a gun to my head. Just had to vent that.

Current Mood: cranky
Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
12:55 am
A Great Day
It all began on an early Monday morning, October the third. I was quite tired waking up; I always am. After pushing through three classes my friend Ryan Wellman picked me up and we went to the Winn Dixie in Green Cove. I filled out an application with high hopes of getting a job there. We then got some food at Wendy's and went to his house to smoke some hookah. After a few good hits, we decided to go fishing. So Ryan and Ryan's brother Steven and I went to Van Zant Park in Lake Asbury. Ryan caught a five and a half pund, 16 inch Bass. I had an interesting tussle with a Catfish but he outsmarted me in the end. Next we headed over to Justen Manns' house and played a little Hack before going to the Hookah bar. After a good time at the Casbah,with a horrible waitress who nearly dehydrated us due to lack of refills, we went back to the Manns' house and proceded to drink beer and play Hacky Sack for two and a half hours straight. Over all, it was an amazing day, and I am very pleased with it.

Current Mood: groggy
Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
5:52 pm
5 Points
My good friend Justin Mann and I went out to 5 Points today. If you don't know where that is, you're gay. Who am I kidding, if you DO know where that is, you're probably gay. Anywho, at 3:30 we began our search for the ultimate game breaking object, the hacky sack. We started by going to Nicotine and asking the guy if he knew where we could find a hack. He recomended Aloha Paradise and Midnight Sun, stores only a few doors away from Nicotine itself. So we decided to trek on and lo and behold, we found not only a perfect hack at Aloha Paradise, but an equally neat one at Midnight Sun. Our mission was complete. However, upon our arrival, it struck us both odd to see parked directly behind us and to the left, a yellow focus. This was strange because Justin's ex-girlfriend Lauren drives a yellow focus. To our surprise and dismay (not really dismay), we recognized it quickly as Lauren's car, given the soccer magnet located behind the drivers' side door. Then we retired to Justins' house and played some Halo 2 Online. It was a good day, but now it is time for Chapelle's Show, food, and a whole lot of Star Wars. That's all for now, thanks for reading.

Current Mood: hungry
12:55 pm
The Dark Side Rules!
I wanted to let everyone know about the beauty that is simply named Star Wars, Knight of the Old Republic. It's an amazing RPG, with fighting on a turn-basis. It is one of the greatest RPGs or games ever created for that matter. I am currently on the Sith Planet Korriban. There are two games, KOTOR and KOTOR II. Both are equal in greatness and if you have an X-box and are into RPGs and you HAVEN"T played either game yet, for that I pity you. But seriously, go out and get one of these games. It is better to start on the first one, as the games are intertwined and many of the things you see in the sequal are connected to the original. I know this because I started a profile on the second one before I played the first. But all in all, go get this game because it owns every other game out there. Fuck Halo, fuck Final Fantasy, Star Wars is all you need.

Current Mood: anxious
Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
9:41 pm
Poke Joe
This being my first Live Journal entry, I wanted it to be something to which my good friend Jasperdelarge could relate. Mr. DeLarge and I work at the local IHOP on Fleming Island. He serves humbly as a host, while I rely on my knowledge of the depths of the dish pit. But I digress. Poke Joe is another dishwasher who I have the sole displeasure of working with nearly everyday. He is one of the people who contributed to my famous phrase, "NOBODY DESERVES A MILKSHAKE!" He is known for being talented in annoyance as well and coming as close to your face as possible to tell you something. He is quite the mack daddy and Michelle is lucky to have him resting his fat and sweaty armpit on the back of her neck. He was dubbed "Poke Joe" after about the 17,000th time he poked Justin or me. So with that I close my first entry, and continue my attempts to destroy the evil Poke Joe.

Current Mood: predatory
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